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Improve your tennis in a natural way and learn to use the Patricio Checkpoint tennis method in your game. During the special PCT weeks, tennis guests can learn and extend their knowledge of the consistently creative, match-based tennis method with the head of training, Marcelo Matteucci, in person.

At the Belek tennis camp, popular and fun sports weeks in tennis are available all year round, and the European Beach Tennis Championship is part of the programme. On the beach of the Güral Premier Belek you can serve in a game of beach tennis, while at the PCT Tie-Break Masters you can play for the points that will bring you victory. In parallel, the European Championships in beach tennis will be held. A gala evening rounds off the week of fun sports in an enjoyable way.

Weekly guest tournaments are held in all Patricio World Class tennis camps. Here you can play in tournaments in a pleasant atmosphere and enjoy your days playing tennis with the local Patricio team. 

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