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18th Int. Tennis Fun Sport Week
by Prof. Dr. Eberhard Mensing

Prof. Dr. Eberhard Mensing: Prof. for sport teaching and training theories, well-known author, has been working in an honorary capacity for 20 years, amongst others as speaker for mass sports in DTB, president of BTV and president of EBTA since 2006.


  • 14th Oct. – 19th Oct. 2013

Information and services:

We proudly present the following tennis week with lots of fun to all tennis friends. We would be pleased to welcome you at our event week.

Day 1:

Arrival and greeting
free tennis play „open air“

Day 2:

International Patricio Tennis-Time-Cup

Day 3:

Beach Sport

Day 4/5:

Wilson Beach-Tennis-Open /
10th Beach-Tennis-European Championship

Day 6:

PCT Tennis Tie-Break-Masters

Day 7:

Patricio guest tournament
with Gala Night and award ceremony

Day 8:


Entry fee:

  • € 95,– per player or
  • € 50,– per participant if you book your travel at Patricio Travel.
  • The entry fee authorizes you also for the free use of the tennis courts between 14th Oct. – 19th Oct. 2013.

mybigpoint Member card

mybigpoint premium members save up to 123,40 €!

Only 235,60 € will be charged for the event training package instead of 259,- €. 50% off for mybigpoint premium members of the annual fee (23,40 €).

Patricio Travel voucher

mybigpoint premium members also receive an exclusive voucher of 100,- €*, which can be redeemed for spa, tennis center and adidas & Wilson Stores.

* The exact fragmentation, services and conditions of the voucher for mybigpoint premium members can be found in your individual Patricio travel offer.


  • 13th Oct. – 20th Oct. 2013

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  • 13th Oct. – 20th Oct. 2013

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