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ITF Senior Events 2013

Senior players (from AC 35) receive special attention at the Patricio World Class tennis camps: this year we are offering you four big ITF senior events. The highlights are the 10th International Wilson Senior Open at the Ali Bey Club Manavgat in spring and the 8th International Adidas Senior Open in Bol on the tennis island of Brac in autumn.

Between 400 and 700 senior players from about 25 countries will begin these ITF tournaments in up to 50 competitions (AC 35+ to AC 75+, ladies′ and men′s, singles, doubles and mixed doubles, a consolation round and a B tournament). Thanks to the professional organisation and special format, every player is guaranteed four matches, and a great social programme awaits all participants.

Further highlights include the 33rd ITF Senior World Championship in March (AC 35 to AC 55, team and individual world championships) and the 2nd International Alibey Senior Open by Patricio Travel in October.

ITF senior events at a glance:

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