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10th International Wilson Seniors Open by Ali Bey Club Manavgat

A Masterstroke for the Jubilee

813 matches in 6 days, first-class tennis, great entertainment with special guest Henri Leconte and a smooth tournament organization – everything went well in the 10th edition of the popular seniors tournament from 07 – 14 April in Turkey.

10th Int. Wilson Open 2013 - Gruppenbild
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Wilson Senior Open 2013Tennis players, who frequently join a tennis tournament are the best proof for the success of a tournament. In this aspect, the International Wilson Seniors Open are a gigantic tournament. The majority of guests joined this popular senior tennis tournament for the 4th, 5th, 6th or even 10th time. Four players even played in this tournament the 10th year in Ali Bey Club Manavgat. They played continuously since the premier in 2004. In the first year 84 players took part. Throughout the years the tournament was upgraded to an ITF Grade 1 tournament.zum zehnten Mal beim Event

Organizer Patricio Travel was able to increase the number of participants to more than 500 in the jubilee year with an international field. Germany and Austria traditionally have the majority of players but some participants even came from Canada, Australia, Malaysia and Brazil to join the event and to fight for prizes and ITF ranking points under ideal weather conditions.

Thanks to the big number of participants from 29 different countries the events were carried out in 41 categories (9 womens singles, 9 mens singles, 23 doubles and mixed categories). It was a challenge for the two new tournament directors professor Dr. Eberhard Mensing and former player representative Sabine Schmitz to handle the organization but they managed it very well. 813 matches were scheduled on 44 courts in six days. On Wednesday, special guest Henri Leconte played in an exhibition match and on this day the matches were played even on 50 courts simultaneously. Another impressive figure is the number of balls that were used during the tournament week: 3380. A clutch of helpers secured the smooth procedure behind the scenes of the tournament:

Schiedsrichterteam von Oberschiedsrichter Thorsten Thiele

  • The 12 members of the referee and umpire team around ITF referee Thorsten Thiele, who were responsible for the schedules, daily orders of play, tournament organization.
  • The team from the match control responsible for the player registration, scheduled matches, results and publication of results
  • The organization team from Patricio Travel who cared for the whole travel organization and assistance, check-in, welcome and award ceremony.

The players themselves also made sure that there were hardly any delays. “ Ninety percent of the players are ready to play before their match time and were able to go on court early.” Thorsten Thiele praised their behavior. The players were provided with balls, bananas, towels and bottles of water before their matches and also name cards, which were hung up on court at the umpire’s chair. So the numerous spectators were informed who was fighting for the next rounds on the courts. The results were published via tournament TV at the tennis bar so that the guests and players always had an overview of the tournament.

Open-Air-Restaurant oberhalb des Patricio TennisshopsThe tennis bar next to the Center Court was the meeting point and communicative center during the tournament. All the players who had just finished their matches and those who were waiting for their call met there. At lunch time the meeting point switched to the open air restaurant on top of the Patricio tennis shop. In a relaxed atmosphere the players enjoyed the delicious and varied meals with view over the great tennis resort.

In Professor Dr. Eberhard Mensing’s point of view “the special flair of this event is created by the special connection of a first-class tournament and the roomy holiday resort”. Player representative Horst-Dieter van de Loo shares his opinion: “Players are doing well in Ali Bey Club Manavgat all the time: either you win the tournament or if you lose you can spend your time at the beach and enjoy the club and the delicious food.”

Most of the players try to combine it. Losing a match does not mean to retire from the tournament. The losers of the first matches were automatically in the consolation rounds. Those who lost there or in the second round of the main draw could play in the B-Tournament. This means at least four matches for each player if you also count the doubles and mixed doubles events.

Apart from high-class sports the participants of the Int. Wilson Seniors Open by Ali Bey Club Manavgat were also offered further highlights:

  • traditioneller türkischer Folklore Every guest received an information folder together with a t-shirt, Wilson cap and beach bag as a welcome gift at the check-in desk.
  • A group picture of all participants was taken at the Opening Ceremony on the stands of the Center Court. Afterwards the professional dancers of Ali Bey Club performed a traditional folk dance.

  • Henri Leconte mit der ehemaligen Grand-Slam Siegerin Renata TomanovaHenri Leconte, special guest of this year’s tournament was welcomed on Wednesday. The former no. 5 player of the world, Davis Cup winner and Doubles Grand Slam winner together with his partner Yannick Noah visited the Patricio world class tennis camp Ali Bey Club Manavgat. After a press conference with German and Turkish journalists, the French tennis entertainer offered pure fun and entertainment on the Center Court for 700 spectators. First, Leconte played in a Mixed with his partner Renata Tomanova from Germany, who won several Grand Slam titles in the past against Lucie Schwab (AUT) and Glenn Busby (AUT). Afterwards he played a mens doubles partnering with Thassilo Haun (GER) against Manfred Hundstorfer (AUT)/Taras Beyko (CAN). In an interview directly after the match, Leconte confessed on court “I’m surprised how well the men but especially the women were playing. They moved very well, sometimes even better than I did.” After his performance, the former professional player held an autograph session in front of the Wilson store.
  • Gala DinnerOn Wednesday night the French guest of honor attended the Gala Dinner of the tournament. The main restaurant of Ali Bey Club Manavgat was festively decorated, offered a Turkish buffet and candle lights and the players celebrated and danced to live music.
  • On Saturday evening the winners of the tournament were honored on the big show stage of Ali Bey Club Manavgat. The winners, runner-ups and third place winners in the different categories received prize money, diplomas, travel vouchers and non-cash prizes from the tournament director. Another travel voucher from Patricio Travel was drawn from all participants of the questionnaire tombola.

SiegerehrungIt was a dignified final of a week full of sportive highlights during the jubilee tournament. Most of the guests were sure that they want to join next year’s tournament again and take part in the 11th International Wilson Seniors Open.

The tournament is planned from 30th March – 6th April 2014.


The sportive highlights of the 10th International Wilson Seniors Open 2013:

Mens 35: To the surprise of all Desmond Du Parand [3] won: last year the Dutch player took part in the tournament for the first time and won the Mixed event. He defeated Anton Fatin from Russia in the final and won his first Grade 1 Seniors tournament ever.

Wilson Senior Open 2013Mens 40: Favorite Thassilo Haun (GER) played in the show match as Henri Leconte’s partner but lost his quarter final in three sets against Ivan Herz (SVK) [8]; later Herz won the final against Lars Mosel (GER) [7]. Haun was more successful in the mens doubles. He won the final together with Sorin Donescu (ROU) easily against Lundgren (SWE)/Sidorenko (RUS).

Taras Beyko (CAN)Mens 45: Taras Beyko (CAN), the newly celebrated world champion in the mens 45 of the World Championships in Manavgat and no. 1 seeded player won smoothly in the final against Alec Arho-Havren (FIN), the finalist of the International Bol Seniors Open in 2012.

Mens 50: Alain Moracchini (FRA) [1], runner-up champion of the world championships in Manavgat entered for the tournament with a Wild Card. He proceeded easily into the final and defeated Viktor Zhvanko (RUS). Last year’s winner Manfred Hundtstorfer (AUT) got injured during the World Championships and could not play in the semi-final.

Mens 55: Norbert Henn (GER) [1] also got injured and could not play his semi-final. Second seeded player and last year’s winner Carlos Behar (COL) lost against Glenn Busby (AUS), who had already participated in the World Championships, in the semi-final. The final was between Maldoner (AUT [5] and Busby. The Australian won in three sets.

Harald Hellmonseder (AUT)Mens 60: Frequent winner of this tournament Andrew Rae (AUS) and top seeded player in his category won again this year, just like in 2011 and 2012. The final against Harald Hellmonseder (AUT) [3] was a repetition of last year’s final.

Mens 65: No. 1 seeded Peter Adrigan (GER) lost in a tough three-set semi-final 5:7, 6:7 (3) against Helmut Flagel (AUT) [4] and also second seeded Hans Heissl (AUT) was defeated by Ricard Tutt (GBR) [7] in the semi-final. The category was won by Horst-Dieter van de Loo (GER) against Helmut Flagel.

Rekordweltmeister Peter Pokorny (AUT)Mens 70: It was no surprise that the event was won easily by record world champion Peter Pokorny against no. 3 Albecht Neyheusel (GER).

Mens 75: Last year’s winner and top seeded Silvio Linzbauer (GER) was defeated by Peter Nader (AUT) in the quarter final in three sets. The final between Frantisek Cech (CZE) [2] and unseeded Rüdiger Schöning (GER). Schöning’s victory came as a surprise.


Womens 35: It was a little 8 main draw that saw a German-Swiss final between Saskia Thurm (GER) and Myriam Schütz (SUI) which was won by the German player.

Kirsten Böttger (GER)Womens 40: Clear victory for top seeded Tzvetelina Nikolova. The Bulgarian never lost more than one game in a set during the whole tournament.

Womens 45: Lesley O’Halloran (IRL) won the tournament last year and was top seeded. She lost the final against strong no. 2 Lucie Schwab-Zelinka (AUT). Last year, Lucie played in the womens 40 event and reached the final. None of the ten German participants reached the final.

Womens 50: Liselot Prechtel showed a strong performance on her way into the final. The Dutch player had to fight in a tough three-set match for more than three hours against Gabriella Precup (ROU) [6]. Both finalists took part in the Wilson Seniors Open for the first time.

Womens 55: Clear victory for top seeded Renata Tomanova (GER), who also won the tournament last year. She is no. 1 in the womens 55 ITF (former professional player and Grand Slam title holder). She defeated no. 2 Sabine Schmitz (GER), who is also tournament director of the Wilson Seniors Open.

Womens 60: Radomila Martinicova came to the tournament as winner of the adidas Bol Seniors Open in 2012, current no. 4 in the ITF ranking and top seeded player. The Czech player reached the final after her opponent Maria Pichler (AUT) had retired in the semi-final. She won the final against Gabriele Eichinger (GER) [8], who surprisingly won in the semi-final against Dagmar Sperneder (AUT) [2].  

Womens 65: It was a thrilling final in three sets between both top seeded players: Barbara von Ende (GER) gained a victory against Ellie Krocke from the Netherlands: Krocke had to fight her way into the final against Sylvia Bauwens (GER) [3] in three sets.

Womens 70: Ellie Krocke’s doubles partner Jacqueline Boothman (GBR) had to face strong opponents and defeated them in three sets in the quarter and semi-final. She lost the final against Zsofia Garaguly (AUT) [2], who also needed three sets to defeat Susy Burggraf (SUI) in her semi-final.

Womens 75: was played as round robin like last year with five participants: winner and runner-up were the same ladies as last year: Elisabeth van Boemmel (GER) and Brigitte Jung (GER).

Results Main Draws:

Winners of the Singles:

Womens 35: Saskia Thurm (GER) - Myriam Schütz (SUI) 6:2, 6:4
Womens 40: Tzvetelina Nikolova (BUL) - Kirsten Böttger (GER) 6:0, 6:0
Womens 45: Lucie Schwab-Zelinka (AUT) - Lesley O’Halloran (IRL) 6:1, 7:6 (4)
Womens 50: Liselot Prechtel (NED) - Gabriella Precup (ROU) 7:6 (3), 2:6, 6:1
Womens 55: Renata Tomanova (GER) - Sabine Schmitz (GER) 6:0, 6:1
Womens 60: Radomila Martinicova (CZE) - Gabriela Eichinger (GER)  6:4, 6:3
Womens 65: Barbara von Ende (GER) - Ellie Krocke (NED) 6:2, 4:6, 6:2
Womens 70: Zsofia Garaguly (AUT) - Jacqueline Boothman (GBR) 6:1, 6:2
Womens 75: Elisabeth van Boemmel (GER) - Brigitte Jung (GER) 6:1, 6:2

Mens 35: Desmond Du Parand (NED) - Anton Fatin (RUS) 6:1, 6:2
Mens 40: Ivan Herz (SVK) - Lars Mosel (GER) 6:1, 6:2
Mens 45: Taras Beyko (CAN) - Alec Arho-Havren (FIN) 6:3, 6:1
Mens 50: Alain Moracchini (FRA) - Viktor Zhvanko (RUS) 6:1, 6:3
Mens 55: Glenn Busby (AUS) - Michael Maldoner (AUT) 6:2, 4:6, 6:2
Mens 60: Andrew Rae (AUS) - Harald Hellmonseder (AUT) 6:3, 6:1
Mens 65: Horst-Dieter van de Loo (GER) - Helmut Flagel (AUT) 6:2, 6:1
Mens 70: Peter Pokorny (AUT) - Albrecht Neyheusel (AUT) 6:2, 6:1
Mens 75: Rüdiger Schöning (GER) - Frantisek Cech (CZE) 6:1, 6:3

Winners of the Doubles and Mixed Doubles:

Womens 35: Böttger / Sicker (GER) – Fröschl (AUT) / Schütz (SUI) 6:3, 6:3
Womens 45: O’Halloran (IRL) / Schwab-Zelinka (AUT) – Ferlemann / Thumm (GER) 6:3, 6:3
Womens 50: Prechtel (NED) / Tomanova (GER) – Akdere (TUR) / Anwar (GER) 6:1, 6:1
Womens 55: Funke / Wedstedt (GER) – Decorvet (SUI) / Harries (GER) 6:3, 6:2
Womens 60: Häringer / Spriess (GER) – Hameister / Schmitz (GER) 6.2, 6:3
Womens 65: Boothman (GBR), Krocke (NED) – Burggraf / Meister-Pardo (SUI) 6:3, 7:5
Womens 70: Garaguly (AUT) / Knapp (GER) – Gerlatzka / Sonderhüsken (GER) 6:1, 6:2

Mens 35: Dolinski / Fatin (RUS) – Pechenyuk / Proskurin (RUS) 6:1, 6:3
Mens 40: Donescu (ROU) / Haun (GER) – Lundgren (SWE) / Sidorenko (RUS) 6:1, 6:0
Mens 45: Arho-Havren (FIN) / O’Mara (AUS) – Ledianov / Makarov (RUS) w.o.
Mens 50: Maldoner / Pansy (AUT) – Angelsperger / Müller (GER) 6:3, 6:3
Mens 55: Hellmonseder (AUT) / Rauen (GER) – Schreckenberg / Schulte 7:5, 6:3
Mens 60: Emmrich / Kubeng (GER) – Haupt-Buchenrode (AUT) / Rae (AUS) 6:2, 6:4 
Mens 65: Cox / Tutt (GBR) – Flagel / Thaler (AUT) 6:4, 4:6 [10-8] 
Mens 70: Mihalache / Pokorny (AUT) – Nader (AUT) / Zimmers (GER) w.o.

Mixed 35: Nikolova (BUL) / Du Parand (NED) – Muraveva / Ionov (RUS) 6:0, 6:2
Mixed 40: Reigel / Pecek (AUT) – Gnennaya / Melnikov (RUS) 6:3, 6.0
Mixed 45: Precup / Chelariu (ROU) – Borsch / Köhler (GER) 6:3, 6:1
Mixed 50: B. Bach / G. Bach (GER) – Reiser / Trapp (GER) 6:3, 7:5
Mixed 55: Sperneder (AUT) / Raijmakers (NED) – Bruggraber (AUT) / Dahmen (GER) 6:1, 4:6 [10:7]
Mixed 60: Sauter / Klein (GER) – Eichinger / Hiss (GER) w.o.
Mixed 65: Bauwens / Czernei (GER) – Redweik / Diebenbusch (GER) 6.2, 6:1
Mixed 70: Trojahn / Willrich (GER) – R. Grund / Th. Grund (GER) 6:0, 6:4

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